Topics in Macroeconomics

Heterogeneous agents models [pdf]
The New Keynesian framework [pdf]
HANK models [pdf]

Quantitative Macroeconomics

Complete markets and growth [pdf]
Life-cycle and overlapping generations [pdf]
Solution methods for macro models [pdf]
New Keynesian models [pdf]
Heterogeneous agents [pdf]

TA Courses

IDEA PhD program, UAB (2023). Lecturer: Luca Gambetti

Monetary Policy
Master program, BSE (2022), Lecturer: Davide Debortoli

Social Insurance in Quantitative Macroeconomic Models
IDEA PhD program, UAB (2020, 2021), Lecturer: Alexander Ludwig

Econometrics II
IDEA PhD program, UAB (2020), Lecturer: André Gröger